Lamoille Hiring BLS & ALS Providers


Lamoille Hiring BLS & ALS Providers

Our New York Division has the following positions open. Full time, Part time, Per diem Paramedic/AEMT-CC, EMT-B. We offer very flexible scheduling, new competitive wages, a limited benefit package for full time employees that includes paid sick and vacation, Aflac, dental and eye insurance, double time for holidays, bonuses, yearly uniform allowance. We offer a great opportunity for new EMTs to gain patient contact experience. 

We provide emergency and non emergency responses. We are the primary EMS agency to respond to 911 calls in the Town of Crown Point as well as provide mutual services to the communities surrounding the Town of Ticonderoga. We also provide interfacilty transport services from Moses Ludington Hospital in Ticonderoga to hospitals that offer a higher level of care as well as transport services from The University of Vermont Medical Center to facilities in all of the Northeast of New York. 

Please contact Operations Manager Matthew Watts for more information.

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