ECH Medic Program Updates!


ECH Medic Program Updates!

A lot of hard work by Bruce Barry, Elizabethtown Community Hospital, the UVM Health Network, Mountain Lakes, Franklin County, Essex County, Warren County and several instructors and physicians, is about to pay off. The DOH BEMSTS will be conducting a site visit in the near future, which is the final step in becoming an official NYS paramedic program. With that said, the time is now to get applications in for the first class, which will begin on September 7th (pending the final DOH approval, which we fully expect but can't guarantee.) Here are a few more details:

Who: Anyone who is certified as an EMT or higher, may apply.

Where: The first class will be held at the Public Safety Building in Lewis (Essex County,) the North Country Community College campus in Malone (Franklin County,) and the Mountain Lakes office in Queensbury (Warren County.)

When: The first class will begin on 9/7/2018. The deadline for applications in 6/15/18. Following the application process will be testing, interviews etc.

How: The three sites will form what is being called a connected classroom. There will be instructional staff at all 3 sites who will carry out lesson plans. The course will include a lot of online work and a daytime classroom session on Fridays of each week.

$$$: ECH has included the program fee schedule within their application, which can be obtained by emailing

More Info?: Click on the link below. You can also contact program director Bruce Barry at paramedic@ech.orgThe program will soon have a dedicated webpage etc. Stay tuned.

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