NYS Collaborative Protocols

Now covering 13 of 16 EMS regions, the Collaborative Protocols continue to be a great example of cooperation, as dozens of physicians and EMS leaders from across the state combine resources to establish the best evidence-based protocols possible, for our patients. Below is a link to a PDF of the most current protcols:


There is a smart phone application available for both Android and Apple users entitled “NYS Collaborative EMS Protocols”. We encourage providers to use these applications, which can be found in the Apple App Store and the Android Marketplace by searching “NYS EMS Collaborative."

Please use the following for a self-review of the 2017 protocols:

Simulation Videos - These simulation videos are intended to demonstrate patient care scenarios in the context of the NYS collaborative protocols. Like the rest of medicine, there are different ways of practicing EMS and we encourage providers to watch the videos with a critical eye and think about how they would debrief the scenarios if they were the instructor/supervisor. 


Podcasts - These podcasts are not all-encompassing but focus on particular points of interest. Providers often have questions about why certain things came out the way they did. In addition, there are some things that were discussed while we were writing the protocols that I think would be worth conveying to make sure the effect of the protocols results in the optimum patient care. The podcasts span two episodes and cover the topics below. The podcasts will eventually have a permanent YouTube home but you can use the links below to access the episodes for now.

Episode 38 (1 of 2):

Episode 39 (2 of 2):