Below are resources related to COVID-19 EMS operations.

mRNA Vaccine Education

Dr. Bombard's mRNA Vaccine Update

Q&A with REMO Physicians and Dr. Bombard

CDC Vaccine Overview

CDC Vaccine FAQ

CDC Information on Allergic Reaction


NYS DOH Revised Return to Work Protocols for Healthcare Providers (issued 7/3/2020)

NYS DOH BEMS Cardiac Arrest Protocol COVID-19 (See REMAC Advisory 4-20-2020)

NYS DOH BEMS Viral Pandemic Triage Protocol

NYS DOH BEMS Policy 20-02 COVID-19

NYS DOH BEMS Policy 20-03 COVID-19 Co. Emergency Managers, Co. EMS Coordinators, PSAP Guidance

NYS DOH BEMS Policy 20-04 EMS Provide Exposure to COVID-19

NYS DOH BEMS Policy 20-05 COVID-19 Response to Respiratory Emergencies



CDC PPE Donning and Doffing Guidelines


Mountain Lakes REMAC Advsiory 01-2020 (COVID-19)

REMAC Advsiory 3-22-2020

REMAC Advisory 3-26-2020 (ER Room Assignment)

REMAC Advisory 4-1-2020 (Regional Cardiac Arrest Advisory)

REMAC Advisory 4-14-2020 (Mask Use)

REMAC Advisory 4-17-2020 (Viral Filters)

REMAC Advisory 4-20-2020 (State Cardiac Arrest Protocol Suspension)

REMAC Call with Agencies and Providers 4-21-2020

REMAC Advisory 4-22-2020 (Respiratory Emergencies)

REMAC Advisory 6-3-2020 (Misc.)

REMAC Advisory 9-18-2020 (Cloth Masks)

County Health and Government

Franklin County Government COVID Webpage

Clinton County Government COVID Webpage

Essex County Government COVID Webpage

Warren County Government COVID Webpage

Washington County Government COVID Webpage


COVID19 Guidance