Provider Wellness

As an EMS provider or leader it is easy to become stressed or overwhelmed with the amount of COVID-19 information and bad-news-media that is in our faces, 24/7. Over the next several weeks some may worry about taking home the virus to a high-risk loved one. Some may take extra shifts due to provider illness or the need for income. Others will have the weight of ensuring their providers have sufficient PPE and remain safe. With that in mind, below are some resources that might help you cope and successfully navigate the challenges ahead. - Drew Anderson who is an EMT, line officer at Delmar-Bethlehem EMS, and clinical psychologist, has developed an awesome resource page through DBEMS. - Jackie is one of us and lives in our Region. - Online sessions and owner has ties to public safety. This is ONE of many like businesses out there and not an official endorsement. Look up someone closer to you.
Additionally, your employer may have an Employee Assistance Program that can be of assistance with many aspects of wellness, finances, and more. EAP's are not often talked about a lot but can be very helpful for those who need some kind of assistance.