Richard Beebe Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Mountain Lakes Regional EMS Council is proud to honor the late Richard Beebe's legacy by providing financial assistance to paramedic students, those who wish to become EMS educators, and providers who want to improve their knowledge through ongoing education, including paramedic training programs. The Richard Beebe Memorial Scholarship Fund is funded through individual dontations and fundraising events.

Richard Beebe (6/25/57 - 6/5/16) was a paramedic, RN, author and educator from Albany, NY. He passed away in June of 2016 from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.

Rich touched many lives as a provider and shaped many careers and minds in classrooms throughout the country.  He always proved to be most popular and got rave reviews for his knowledge and sense of humor for any lecture or conference. He brightened any room that he entered with his booming laugh, infectious positive attitude and desire to make friends with anyone who wanted to chat or enjoy a cigar.

Rich often went out of his way to help his brothers and sisters in EMS. He took the role of mentor to heart and could often be seen behind the scenes coaching and encouraging a new instructor, helping someone study or giving advice at a local Starbucks. We will be forever thankful for his friendship, service as a provider, dedication to education, and leadership. He will forever be in our hearts and is still very much a part of EMS.

The application period for paramedic scholarships for 2022 is now open. Applications for other assistance will be accepted and considered at any time. To apply, complete the application below and then submit the following to

Please note that all applicants will be scored on both presentation and content. Be thoughtful and very thorough with your answers and submission. An application submission does not guarantee a scholarship award and those that are incomplete will not be considered.

Elizabethtown Community Hospital's Auxiliary EMS Programs Scholarship (for ECH's Paramedic Program only)

The Elizabethtown Community Hospital's Auxiliary Scholarship for EMS Programs was established in 2019. The Auxiliary realizes the value of supporting the local communities in bettering the EMS response to the highest level possible. Their understanding of community needs and the needs of ECH's Paramedic students is the key to promoting a health system and improving the overall community health. The Auxiliary's EMS Scholarship program will fund Five (5)- $1000 scholarships.


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